Ceres Log®

Bank Stabilization System

Ceres Log® bank stabilization system secures native vegetation on any bank stabilization project site. Ceres Log® does not require maintenance or watering after installation and can be installed year-round.

How Ceres Log®  Works

Ceres Log® is a vegetated coir log that establishes plant growth in even the most difficult environments. The bank stabilization system is ideal for urban and suburban waterways, rivers and creeks within the riparian corridor, mitigation waterways, bridge approaches, regulated drains, lake shorelines, reservoir shorelines and other steep slopes.

Prime Condition for Ceres Log Products

  • Sediment control and dewatering applications
  • Slope, lake and reservoir shorelines
  • Beaches, dunes, tidal, estuary and surge zone areas
  • Wetland and riparian areas, waterways, stream and river bank stabilization
  • 100% biodegradable options for environmentally sensitive areas

Photo courtesy of COGOLOGIX®

Why Ceres Log®

Easy Installation

No Maintenance

Fast and Simple Installation

Allows Soil Bioengineering Bank Stabilization Techniques

Versatile Solution

Safe for Pedestrians & Wildlife

Ensures Confidence

Partnering with Interface H₂O:

Partnering with Interface H₂O means receiving honest counsel and collaboration. We are a problem solving company that uses our deep industry knowledge to partner with engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to provide custom solutions for projects. We are your complete partner offering CAD services, project layout, material lists, equipment lists, water testing and monitoring.  

Projects We’ve Done

Have a look at how we’ve used our products to create successful projects for our customer

Preventing Soil Loss & Erosion at Sunnyside Hog Farm

Implementing a grass waterway system to stop the soil loss and erosion happening on Sunnyside Hog Farm.

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