Muscle Wall

A Rapidly Deployed Retaining Wall System

Muscle Wall is a portable barrier primarily used to contain or divert water.

How Muscle Wall Works

Muscle Wall is able to withstand the immense force of rushing or standing water due to its patented toe design. The pressure of the water forces the toe downward, which overpowers the hydrostatic force of the water pushing against the wall.

Muscle Wall Flood Control

Replace sand bags with Muscle Wall

The graphic below illustrates the proper way to stack sandbags, according to the United States Army Corpse of Engineers. The USACE also exposed that the true expense of sandbags, once you factor in cleanup and other costs, is $2.50 to $5.00 per bag. This proves that not only is Muscle Wall a much more cost effective solution in the long run, but is saving you money even at the first deployment.

Rapid deployment

Muscle Wall can be deployed rapidly when time is short. With just a small team of people, a hundred feet of Muscle Wall can be fully deployed in as little as 30 minutes. If sandbags were to be used on that same scale it would take well over a day. Muscle Wall can even be deployed when floodwater has already began to rise. Each wall can be floated into place and sunk using the same water that the wall is protecting against.

Protect business continuity

One of the commonly overlooked expenses when it comes to flood damages is the loss of business continuity. Businesses must remain shut down while repairs are made or flood protection methods are cleaned up and removed. Muscle Wall, in one instance, was used to protect a three-story office building from floodwater, and as a result the office was able to be back up and running the very next day. Other buildings in the vicinity were out of commission for anywhere from a month to three months, costing the business owners thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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