Permeable Articulating Blocks

PaveDrain® is a permeable articulating concrete block/mat that creates a performance pavement. PaveDrain features a patented arched reservoir to maximize onsite stormwater capacity during extreme storm events.

A PaveDrain installation at Hope College. Read the Case Study
PaveDrain Project Atlas Avenue Grand Rapids Michigan

A PaveDrain installation at Atlas Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI. Read the Case Study

How PaveDrain® Works

The patented design permeable block design allows water to infiltrate into arched reservoirs before absorption into the ground. The PaveDrain System gives water a vertical infiltration path that recharges local groundwater and reduces first flush pollutants.

A. Permeable materials

B. 4”-8” Minimum compacted bedding stone

C. Biaxial geogrid

D. Engineer approved geogrid or geotextile

E. Natural Soil

Why PaveDrain®

Multiple color options

Performance guaranteed to infiltrate 1,000 in/hour per one foot diameter

Fast, economical installation for intersection construction or retrofits of existing parking lots

No seams to catch on blades of a snow plow

Available in multiple mat sizes for customized applications

Regional manufacturing supporting local economies

Adaptable to small areas where retention ponds are not practical

Up to 5 LEED Credits

Drastic reduction in the use of deicing salts over traditional asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Installed by hand or with specialized construction equipment in all types of weather for fast, economical installations

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) range of 36-41 for lighter colored units

Reduces or eliminates traditional infrastructure




Parking Lots



Projects with PaveDrain®

Have a look at how we’ve used PaveDrain® in the past to create successful projects and bring green infrastructure to our customers.

Green Infrastructure on Keeler Street

Incorporating innovative green infrastructure projects to help manage storm water runoff more effectively.

Stormwater Management at Hope College Bultman Student Center

Providing the products needed to prevent flooding at the newly-constructed Bultman Student Center.

Stormwater Management at Amway’s Global Headquarters

Developing a solution to capture rainwater and slowly infiltrate it into the ground.

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