The Preserver™

Energy Dissipator and Skimmer

The PreserverTM is an energy dissipator and skimmer used to meet total suspended sediment (TSS) removal requirements and reduce overall storm sewer system maintenance costs.

How The Preserver™ Works

The Preserver™ is used to dissipate water flow and collect sediment within sump manholes. Mounted at the inlet of the structure, the energy dissipator controls the flow dynamics to prevent scour of previously captured solids. The energy dissipators design allows it to be used alone or in tandem with the skimmer. The skimmer is mounted at the outlet of the structure and forces outlet water to exit below the surface, which traps floating pollutants within the manhole. The combination increases the removal efficiency of settleable solids when compared to a standard manhole sump.

The Preserver™ consists of two materials: 100% recycled HDPE and stainless steel. These materials are commonly used in stormwater applications for their high strength and resistance to corrosion.

Why The Preserver™

Sediment Filtration

Scour Suppression Performance

Design Allows Easy Maintenance

Simple Design



Made with High Quality Materials

Resistant to Corrosion

Quick Installation

Made in the USA

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