Inlet Protection Control

SedCatch® is an inlet protection control system that prohibits sediment from going down pipes or drains. SedCatch® makes SedJackets™, SedCages and Dewatering Bags to prevent unwanted erosion.  



The SedJacket is an inlet protection device that reduces erosion, speed of water and removes sediment from water before entering the pipe. Why SedJackets?

  1. SedJackets is the best choice because they reduce erosion and remove sediments from water before it enters the pipe.
  2. SedJackets is helpful on utility improvement projects in roadside swells. They trap sediment from leaving the project site.
  3. SedJackets controls sediment in low slope areas. Overall, SedJackets™ can work together to create a series of large basins to collect sediment.
  4. SedJackets is strong enough to endure heavy sediment loads if best management practices (BMPs) fail.


SedCages are large, unrestricted, “above-the-grate” inlet protection systems able to withstand any situation. There are two SedCages models, the Original Model and the Sandbag Model.

Original Model
The Original Model is compatible with most inlet sizes and functions best when the skirt is tucked under the gate. The tail must be pinched between the frame and the grate to keep a tight sediment seal. The Original Model is the most affordable option and easiest SedCage to install.

Sandbag Model
The Sandbag Model is used on inlets where the grate is not supported on all edges. This is the best SedCage option if the grate can’t be moved.

SedCatch Dewatering Bags™ and SedCatch Dewatering Tubes™

  • Catch sediment in the water.
  • Prevent erosion when water discharges at a high velocity.
  • Diffuse water to minimize erosion as the water drains away.
  • Retain oil contained within effluent.

SedCatch Dewatering Bags
The most economical choice to accumulate large loads of sediment is the Dewatering Bag. Each bag is made with a snout that secures the connection to the discharge hose.

SedCatch Dewatering Tube
The Dewatering Tube™ is the most economical choice for smaller accumulations of sediment. This design allows sediment to be emptied from both ends.

Why SedCatch®

Easy Installation

Inlet Protection Device for Pipes

“Last Chance” to Trap Sediments

More Effective than Ditch Checks

An Insurance Policy for Upstream Failures

Creates another Tier for Higher Combined Efficiency

Can be Removed with Very Little Restoration


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