Floc Hog

Size: 60” x 8”d
Construction: Schedule 40 for pressure PVC pipe aluminum insert frame for PAM logs.
Connections: 4” cam lock couplings (1) female (1) male – reducers for smaller pumps/connections are available.
Flow Capacity: Up to 500 GPM
Pump requirements: Centrifugal or Diaphragm pump not to exceed 500 GPM or 100 psi
PAM (Floc Log) : Uses (4) 10 lb “Hogger Logs” by Applied Polymer Systems, Woodstock GA.
Usage Guide
Quick Start
Spec and Usage
Case Studies
Prince Construction I-75
Enbridge MI
 Kalamazoo River Tributrary
 floc hog tampa
The Floc Hog is a quick and easy way to introduce polymers (PAM) to surfacewaters to reduce turbidity and improve water quality. The unit is self containedready to use with anionic polymer logs
called “Hog Logs”.The polymers are added to the Floc Hog and secured on the mixing screen. The unit is then sealed and placed “inline” on the discharge line of an existing dewatering or trash pump.As the water is pumped through the Floc Hog the polymers start to dissolve and mix in the remaining discharge hose.Basic Usage Instructions and Definitions:Contact Time: The amount of time the water comes into contact with the PAM (polymer). Slow reactions will require the addition of more Floc Hogs as illustrated.Mix Time: The amount of time it takes for the PAM (polymer) to capture the particulate and form a floc. NOTE: mixing should be as turbulent as possible.Conveyance: The process or area where floc will be captured released and tested for compliance.PAM polyacrylamide: The polymer (floc log, hogger log, etc) that is provided by Applied Polymers. Other manufacturers and types of logs have many other requirements and do not provide necessary toxicity testing which can have disastrous results.The Floc Hog is designed to be used inline and under pressure.

To increase contact time add more Floc Hogs inline as shown in usage guide.

To increase mix time add more hose AFTER the Floc Hog and before any conveyance

There MUST be at least 50’ of hose (lay flat type) on the discharge size of the Floc Hog.

To increase mixing capability add more hose on the discharge side; add soft bends or curves to the discharge hose. Any sort of minor obstruction will increase mixing.

If possible use 4” hose on the discharge side.


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