Diamond Sock™ Composite Filter Sock (CFS)

Advanced Sediment Control

Diamond Sock™ CFS is an open-mesh fabric tube, filled with composted ground organic material like yard waste and land clearing debris.

The environmentally friendly product filters out sediment and other pollutants from runoff water during rainfall. Diamond Sock™ CFS can be used in suburban areas for curbside inlet protection, in ditches as a dam filter system, for jobsites and fields. The durable design netting has a minimum life expectancy of 36 months.

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How Diamond Sock™ Works

As a Diversion Berm

Diamond Sock™ is used to to divert water flow away or around disturbed areas and into a catch basin, sediment trap, sediment basin or vegetative area. The CFS filler material should be weighted with sand or aggregate, and compost should be dense.

Ditch Checks

Diamond Sock™ Ditch Checks, used primarily in ditches as a type of dam, can be placed in a grassed waterway or diversion. The Diamond Sock™ Ditch Check reduces the velocity of concentrated water flow and erosion within the swale or waterway along. The Ditch Check simultaneously filters sediments, which is particularly important during vegetative establishment.

For Inlet Protection

Diamond Sock™ CFS is used curbside for inlet protection to keep sediments and water from entering city drains.

Why Diamond Sock™

Filters Flowing Water

Simple Maintenance

Durable for Jobsites

High Quality Materials

Versatile Solution

Easy Installation

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